It's all about humidity....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 by Justin Randall
In the summer it's often times more about the humidity then it is the heat.  A common theme of summer is people unknowingly overcool there homes because even though the thermostat may read 72 degrees it's uncomfortable in the home because the humidity is 60% RH or higher.  An air conditioner will dehumidify, but it is first and foremost made to cool the air.  Once your air conditioner reaches its temperature set point it will shut off regardless if the humidity is uncomfortably (and unhealthily) high or not.  Some of the higher end air conditioners will allow you to over shoot the set point by a couple degrees.  This allows extended AC run time which removes more moisture from the air, but I've heard people complain that when the air conditioner overcools the house then feels cold and clammy.  The best way to make your home as healthy and comfortable as possible is to utilize a whole home dehumidifier.  What's that you say?  You've never heard of a whole home dehumidifier?  Don't worry most people haven't, a whole home dehumidifier is basically like central air but instead it is central dehumidification that runs independent of your central air to provide a constant and comfortable humidity level.  Imagine this it's a cloudy but humid day so your air conditioner never comes on or runs very little the humidity in you house is going to get very high, but with an Aprilaire Central Dehumidifier the humidity is kept under control because you don't need the air conditioner to run.  Further you can see energy savings because you can be comfortable at a set point of 78, 80 or sometimes even higher because the humidity level is low enough.  Learn more about a whole home dehumidifier your local Aprilaire dealer to find out even more.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 by tialkahuja:
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