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 Aprilaire recently develop new air cleaner technology that offers consumers better performance and removes more contaminants from the air you and your family breath.  Back in 1973 Aprilaire developed cutting edge filter technology that utilized glass fibers that cleaned the air in your home.  At the time this type of air cleaning technology was the best of its kind, but recently Aprilaire developed new air purifying technology that makes your life even better.

True to the tradition of developing the best indoor air quality products on available; the engineers at Aprilaire develop a new electrostatically charged, depth loading MERV 13 filter for the newest line Aprilaire Whole Home Air Cleaners. 

The new air cleaner line has been a hit with increased efficiency, easier maintainance, longer filter life, and no pleat spacers but we wanted to be able to offer our newest filters to all of those out there that have long been loyal Aprilaire customers and have a late model Aprilaire air cleaner.

That's why we developed the uprade kit.

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