Should my Aprilaire Humidifier be hooked up to hot or cold water?

Consumer question:

I have a Aprilaire 600m model and should I conect the water supply to the hot or cold line.


Aprilaires' response:

Thank you for your email regarding your model 600M Aprilaire humidifier. Your Aprilaire humidifier will operate on hot, cold hard or soft water. We do however recommend hot water as it will increase the evaporative capacity of the humidifier. Hot water will also allow you to operate your humidifier during a fan call. A heat source is required for the evaporation process. During a fan call the only source of heat is hot water.



5 thoughts on “Should my Aprilaire Humidifier be hooked up to hot or cold water?

  1. Best Hepa Air Purifier

    Thanks for the information shared in here about Aprilaire Humidifier. It is really informative and most likely everybody who have this model of humidifier encounter the same question.

  2. Frank Hall

    how can i test my aprilair my control has off and on and numbers in between. test not have a test setting?

  3. Pat

    I have my fan on the furnace set to on not automatic. So I have it running all the time to circulate the air better. By doing this will the aprilaire constantly be running or only when the heat actually kicks in? Or do I have to wire it differently?

  4. Sonny

    I just bought a new house and noticed the water supply for the humidifier connected to the hot water outlet from my water heater. Wasn’t sure if that was correct so found this answer on your site. Now I can move on to more pressing concerns. Thank you

  5. William Wolf

    I too was concerned that my Aprilaire 600M was connected to the hot water line. Your response alleviated my concern. Thank you.


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