Google Science Fair Winner takes on Air Quality

Google’s getting into the science fair business now, and their first fair couldn’t have been more exciting. Out of 10,000 contestants from 91 different countries, the winners were three American girls! The competition brought a ton of extra attention to the leveling playing field for boys and girls in the science world.

Naomi Shah, winner of the 15-16 year old age group, had a project on air quality. Naomi comes off remarkably articulate as she describes multiple portions of her project

Background: "Environmental studies have consistently shown an association between air pollution and exacerbation of illness in people with respiratory disease…"

Goal: "The goal of my project is to uniquely quantify the effect of environmental pollutants on the lung function as measured by the Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) rate."

Future Research: "There is a saying amongst environmental professionals: ‘The genetic make-up is like loading a gun. The environmental pollutants represent the trigger!’

"Triggers cause one death every 20 seconds! The project is my sincere hope to increase awareness amongst all stakeholders in order to eliminate the environmental ‘triggers’ that take these innocent lives."

Check out her full project here.

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