My thermostat is blinking and turning on the A/C…what is going on?

Consumer question:

I bought a home with a Model 8363 thermostat. The home was built in 2006, but I do not know the exact purchase date of the thermostat. The thermostat is turning my A/C on and off about every 2 seconds. Is it still covered under warranty?

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us.  In order to determine if the thermostat is still covered under warranty, we would need to know the original install date and be sure the product was installed by a professional heating and cooling contractor. 
Is the word "cooling" continuing to flash on the digital screen of the thermostat while turning your A/C on and off?  If so, the thermostat is doing it’s job by communicating to the A/C that it needs to run.  If the A/C is not responding the whole time the "cooling" is flashing, there could be a mechanical problem or wiring problem with the A/C or between the A/C and the thermostat.  We would recommend contacting your heating and cooling contractor for a service call.

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  1. Elbert Ruff

    The word "cool" blinks constantly with the air conditioner turned on with a model 8344. What does this mean?


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