How often should I change my Aprilaire Air Cleaner Filter?

Consumer questions:

I got the upgrade kit for the 2200 model air cleaner to the 213 filter type.  How often should I change this filter.  I have found on the internet some say once a year, some say every 9 months, and I also have found every 6 months.  which one is it ?

Aprilaires’ response:

We recommend on average to change the filter once a year for most of our customers. If you happen to run your furnace fan more frequently than with every heat and cool call from your furnace, then you might need to change the filter sooner. The other factors that may cause you to change the filter more frequent is if you happen to have construction done on your home or have a large number of pets in your home. Again on average we suggest that most customers change their filter once a year. If you have any other questions please contact us at 800-334-6011.

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