A (so far) useless app and an intriguing idea.

I’m a bit of a social media/tech nut. I love watching (and let’s be honest being active in) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. change the world. And further, I love that my smart phone can track and post to it all now. My mother, in her infinite wisdom commented that the day would come people forget life without smart phones. I’m already there.

I stumbled on a crazy app today for Droid phones called "Allergy Tracker." I have spring time allergies that are really just starting to subside as summer rolls in, so I wouldn’t really need the app right now, but since I’m still so close to that dreadful time of year, I was intrigued. Essentially the app creates a network of people who ‘touch inform’ the app about their allergy conditions. The app locates you every time you tap into it, and effectively tracks allergen levels by creating a real time allergy map from everyone’s responses. Pretty sweet, but does it work?

By the looks of it the answer has to be – not really – bummer. With some horrible reviews, I won’t be downloading the app, however it does bring up a good point – if you have allergies, your best weapon is information. While we’re never going to be able to stop allergens from existing in general, there are things we can do to keep them from existing in our homes, but you’ve got to be informed. It’s easy to see these small air purifiers and see a solution, but fixing a room isn’t as good as fixing your home. There are better, holisitic solutions for your home. Central Air Filters, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers all have their place in fixing your indoor air quality problems.

Check out the informational link from eMedicine health and then some information from us at Aprilaire. After all, information is your best weapon.

eMedicine health

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