Aprilaire Releases New 8400 Series ThermostatBlogIAQ and Air Cleaner

Thank you for contacting us with regards to our Aprilaire Thermostats. We have several models that can be used with heat pump systems. Models 8465 and 8466 are programmable models and 8446 and 8448 are non-programmable models. Models 8570 and 8600 can be converted to programmable or non-programmable models. Other options you may need to consider are whether your heat pump has a single or multi-stage compressor and what type of auxiliary heating system will be used, if any. The zoning system you choose should match your heat pump options so that the thermostat has the correct interface. For example, if your heat pump has a 2-stage compressor, your zoning system should be able to work with that system and the thermostat should match.

We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.

Looking for thermostate to use with zoning system on a Geothermal Heat Pump System.

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  1. Rob Devine

    I have a Trane with a 8446 Aprilaire.
    The unit will respond settings but the heat is working only intermitantly.
    Yestday the unit’s heating ran, today it will not. I can’t get the ther. off the wall to check a loose wire..

    I know this may not be the proper forum for this question but tonight is expected to be freezing again and have children. The unit is less than 3 years old and I am so frustrated I could scream!

  2. Brett

    Thank you for contacting us with regards to your model 8446 thermostat. Intermittent operation could be an issue with the thermostat, the wiring or the HVAC system. If the thermostat is displaying the word Heating, it is calling for the heat to run. If the heating system does not turn on, we recommend that you speak to your installer or other qualified HVAC service company to troubleshoot further.
    The thermostat can be removed from its base by pulling from the top and bottom edges of the thermostat at the center of the horizontal edges. You’ll find a slight depression at the bottom of the thermostat then should be pressed in to release the cover.
    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


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