Aprilaire Humidifier End-of-Season Requirements

Attention Aprilaire humidifier owners!  First of all, congratulations on making it through a grueling winter.  It was cold, snowy and nasty outside, with record-breaking low temperatures and record breaking snowfalls.  But thanks to your insight, Aprilaire protected your family and your home from the potential devastation of dry air.

Time to call it a season
With the end of the humidifier season comes a couple of simple tasks to perform.  First, be sure you are confident you will no longer require humidification, then follow these easy end-of-season tasks.  If you have a bypass-style humidifier, you need to close the bypass damper.  Simply turn the handle from the "winter" to the "summer" position.  If you have a fan-powered Aprilaire humidifier, no adjustments are required. 

Next, if you have an automatic control that is operating in the manual mode, or if you have the Aprilaire manual control, you need to turn the control knob to the "Off" position.  This will ensure your humidifier will not turn on during the summer months (when you already have more than enough humidity).  If you have an automatic control that is operating in the "Automatic" mode, there is no adjustment required.  The outdoor temperature sensor will prevent your humidifier from coming on whenever the outdoor temperature is 60 degrees or higher.

Also, don’t forget to call your Aprilaire dealer this fall to perform the annual humidifier maintenance.  Your dealer will change your water panel, inspect the water delivery system, and replace any components that are fouled or worn.  This indoor air quality (IAQ) expert is trained to keep your Aprilaire humidifier operating at peak performance.

Aprilaire – fresh ideas for indoor air! 

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  1. Stephen Skarlatos

    What is the other advantage of having an outdoor temp sensor? the sensor broke out of the housing and the shipping costs are more than the sensor.



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