Aprilaire on Home Time

One of my favorite things to do is watch home improvement shows on PBS late on Sunday afternoon. I got into the habit a few years ago when I was heavily involved in reahab at my own house (rehabbing the house, that is). It became kind of a  ritual; at the end of a long weekend; often times working on some rehab project, it was nice to sit down with a cold one and see how the pros do it.

Since then, I’m not quite as religious about catching the shows, or working on the house (must go hand in hand). The two that I still watch the most are This Old House and Home Time.

I’m excited now that Aprilaire is going to be featured on an upcoming project on HomeTime; a new construction project with all new green innovations. It will be very cool.

You can go here and click on the Stone Cottage Flyaround Video.

I’ll keep writing about it as it happens. Can’t wait.

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