It’s Time to Change Your HVAC Filter

The cold weather has come and it’s going to continue to get colder and colder.  That means your heating system is going to be running more and more.  Now is the time to make sure your HVAC filters have been changed to insure your heating system runs at peak efficiency this winter, and that it’s in tip top shape when the cooling season rolls around.  

It doesn’t matter if you have a 1” filter or you have an Aprilaire whole home air cleaner make sure your filter hasn’t past its useful life.  If you only use a 1” filter you should seriously consider having an Aprilaire whole home air cleaner installed.  1” filters have 3 major problems with them.  First, they are either low efficiency (Meaning they don’t capture much particulate out of the air.) or they are high efficiency, but also have a high pressure drop (Meaning they restrict the air going through them.  Picture a brick wall it would make a great filter, but no air could get through it.) high pressure drop wastes energy and puts more stress on your HVAC system meaning it shortens the life of your system.  The final drawback to a 1” filter is cost; a $12 filter that lasts 30 days will actually cost you $144 a year.  An Aprilaire replacement filter lasts 1 year and will cost you less then half the amount of replacing 1” filters plus you’re getting a better performing filtration system that requires less maintenance.  

For the benefit of your HVAC system and your family’s health think about ridding your life of 1” replacement filters and make the move to an Aprilaire whole home air cleaner.

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