Humidify and Go Green!

Would you like whole-house humidification but concerned about the water usage of the typical flow-through style unit or the electrical consumption of a steam humidifier?  You’re not alone.  In fact, these days, more people than ever are making "greener" choices in the interest of preserving our precious natural resources.

Aprilaire has the best of both worlds
The Aprilaire Model 400 humidifier with premium digital control is your green solution to whole-house humidification.  It utilizes patented technology that evaporates 100% of the water that goes into it, providing soothing humidification to every room of your home.  And the electrical consumption is so small you’ll never even notice it on your electric bill.

Your local Aprilaire dealer can answer all your questions and provide the best humidification option for your particular needs.  Call and schedule the installation of your Aprilaire humidifier today and enjoy all the health and comfort benefits that come with whole-house humidification.

Aprilaire – Your green choice for whole-house comfort!

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