Top Five Questions to Ask When Getting a New Furnace or Air Conditioner

Top Five Questions to Ask When Getting a New Furnace or Air Conditioner

1.) For my home’s size, what do you see is the most appropriate equipment size (furnace, heat pump, air conditioner).

2.) What would be the least expensive to buy? Least expensive to run?

3.) How does my entire system help or hurt in delivering air to all parts of my home?

4.) What other factors could contribute to my family’s comfort besides buying a new furnace/air conditioner? Like new ducts, more insulation, or zoning? (Zoning is the ability to control what part of your home is heated or cooled. Almost every multi story home in America could benefit from zoning)

5.) Since I don’t know all of the pieces that make up a heating and air conditioning system. Can you provide me or point me in a direction to learn what a basic list of major componants looks like? I want to fully understand what I need and what I would like to have before I select a contractor to do the work.

A frustraition for both the homeowner and the contractor is confusion over what equipment is needed and what equipment is desired. Some homeowners believe that all contractor quotes are based on the same criteria. The more exact you can be with what you need and what is required can help the bid process significantly. If you’re spending $5,000 to $20,000 then you need to take charge of the education process!

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