Will a whole-house air cleaner eliminate dust/dusting?

Will a whole-house air cleaner eliminate dust/dusting?

The Aprilaire air cleaners are never less than 99% efficient on the smallest particle seen by the naked eye (approximately 10 microns). Therefore, the visible household dust particles that reach your air cleaner will be caught and permanently held. The problem is not all partials will reach the filter.

So we recommend continuous furnace blower operation as the best method to accomplish this. It provides continuous air cleaning and ensures whenever dust particles are airborne, they can be carried to the air cleaner and trapped.

However, if you choose periodic air cleaning with furnace blower operation through the normal heating or air conditioning cycles, you might consider turning your blower on manually during and for several hours after vacuuming your home. This is because vacuuming stirs up large volumes of dust particles. If your furnace blower is operating, these particles can be carried to the air cleaner and removed from the air.

Aprilaire now has an "air cleaner control" that comes with Model 4200, 4400, 5000, and can also be purchased separately and added to an existing air cleaner. This control gives you more air cleaning option than just continuous and periodic air cleaning.

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