Aprilaire Humidifiers – More Information Puts You in Control

Did you know….the number one rated feature on the Aprilaire Automatic Digital Humidifier Control is a little green light.  This light tells you that your humidifier is on and operating properly.  Why is it viewed as the number one feature?  The answer is simple; confirmation that the humidifier is doing what it is supposed to do.  Aprilaire Automatic Digital Humidifier Control

A contractor’s number one nuisance call regarding humidifiers is that the homeowner isn’t sure their humidifier is working.  They refer to it as a nuisance call because more often than not, they find nothing wrong with the humidifier.  But because most humidifier controls do not indicate confirmation of proper operation, the homeowner may have doubts as to whether or not it is working.  Those doubts turn into service charges they wouldn’t have had to pay, often $100 or more.  Plus, you probably had to take time off from work or make other arrangements to let the contractor into your home.  What a hassle!

The Aprilaire Automatic Digital Humidifier Control takes the doubt out of the equation by providing confirmation your humidifier is working.  No more nuisance calls, wasted time, or wasted money.  Aprilaire – providing you the comfort, protection, and information you deserve.

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